This Wiki is basically here to document the tech things I've learned as I setup hardware and software, so I can come back later on and not make the same mistakes, and have to repeat the same Google searches - I'm sure you know what that's like! There's no point being selfish, so have shared the content with the you and have tried to make it well-structured and readable. I really hope it's as useful for you as it is for me! There's not a great deal of content yet as I've only just set this up in October 2016. More and more will come in time.

I also have a blog that I created before this wiki. The intention going forward is to use the blog for interesting info, updates and commentary, but put the meatier “HOWTO” guides here and the link to them from the blog. That will be easier for long-term maintainability of the guides, and make them easier to find.

Please use the page on my blog if you'd like to get in touch.

Best, Gav Owen

I host with VentraIP - A fantastic Australian web hosting company. I highly recommended them.

This wiki is built on DokuWiki, which is easily installed via the Softaculous scripts accessible via VentraIP's cPanel.

Info on how I've configured this wiki here: Dokuwiki Config